The HydraRide Rules

Four simple beliefs we live by

Live fully & freely
Explore all possibilities
Control your destiny
Love thy water

It was a gorgeous summer morning on the gold coast of Connecticut. The haze was lifting from the Atlantic, separating surface from sky like
a Renaissance oil painting.

With a fleet of personal watercrafts, friends of all ages and backgrounds set out to explore in their own ways. One simply glided along the glassy surface of the shore. Some zoomed through marshes and inlets with serpentine ease. Others woke up the seagulls and shot out into the bay.

When the group got back to shore, there was, literally, a throng of about astonished onlookers. As the toes of the group touched the sand in front of the crowd, one wide-eyed woman, jaw still firmly on the ground, muttered “What, are, those, things?” Another observer added, “And when can I experience what you just did?”

That morning, HydraRide was officially born.